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Continuing education is essential in any medical career. Physicians and other medical personnel must keep up to date with the latest medical treatments and technology. They must know the latest trends in medicine and patient care. Failure to keep up can result stunted careers, damaged reputations and even losing one’s license to practice. Of course you want to give the best treatment at all times. In most states throughout the United States it is required that physicians and other medical personal participate in continuing medical education, CME, in order keep their medical license. A certain number of hours is often required. Most physicians and other medical personnel look forward to the opportunity to update their knowledge and skills with CME once they understand the advantages.

Free CME Online is Readily Available

Various organizations will sponsor CME online making free CME online easily available. The sponsors are typically pharmaceutical companies, medical supply companies and device manufacturers. Of course the free CME online will in some way deal with the specific pharmaceutical, medical supply or device sold by the company sponsoring the free CME online. Though the brand will not be specified. These free CME online courses will almost always meet the qualifying standards for CME courses.

There are also some free CME online courses available through training hospitals and medical schools. Many of these institutions may charge a small fee, usually in the range of $20 to $50 per credit hour.

Free CME Online Meets Licensure Requirements

Free CME online courses are usually categorized by specialty practice and include case studies for physicians. These are provided for free and licensure requirements are met. Some courses are online distillations, highlights and reports of top level medical meetings in specialty areas. These materials are of high quality and meet the requirements for CME credits. Specialties include internal medicine, surgery and psychiatry.

CME, continuing medical education, ensures that physicians and other medical personnel are giving their patients the best state of the art care available. New procedures, better tests, more sophisticated technology and new equipment are constantly being added to the knowledge base. Keeping abreast of current advances in medicine is necessary to give the very best medical care to your patients.

Free CME Online Catalogs and Course Lists

The following are some examples of catalogs and lists of qualifying free CME online courses available.

  • Medicine Board Review – Options include courses offering CME credit.
  • Netdoc Database – A comprehensive and easy to use database of CME courses.
  • Baylor College of Medicine CME – Free CME online courses in a wide choice of specialties. Updated and reviewed annually.
  • Emergency Medicine CME – Follows LLSA, Lifelong Learning Self Assessment model of re-certification. Provides links to all the reading lists and requirements.
  • MedPix – CME for physicians and nurses.
  • Free Ultrasound CME – A catalog of free CME online courses provided by Siemens and General Electric.

Continuing medical education is essential to physicians and nurses. Free CME online courses offer a convenient format where credits can be obtained while studying at your own pace and according your own schedule.

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